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What Makes Us Different

What truly sets Artisan Meats apart is its unwavering commitment to quality, convenience, and compassion. With a seamless booking system over just 1 phone call, customers can easily select their preferred animal, make payment and then get the best quality Qurbani meat on Eid morning.

Artisan Meats ensures the utmost care and adherence to Islamic traditions, providing certified Halal Qurbani meat to individuals. By combining modern technology, exceptional customer service, and a strong social impact, Artisan Meats guarantees a truly meaningful and hassle-free Qurbani experience.

Eid Day 1 Slots

PAAYE included

Free Frozen Fries

Free Spices

Eid Morning Pickup

Temperature Controlled Vans

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices?

Here is the complete pricelist:


How can I book my order?

Just Whatsapp or Call at 03-222-222-182 to book your order.

How do I get my Qurbani meat?

You will get your perfect Qurbani meat on Eid morning from our pick-up point. If you want delivery, you can call us at 03-222-222-182 to know if we can arrange that for you. Additional delivery charges apply.

Why should I choose Artisan Meats for my qurbani?

10 years of excellent service. Thousands of happy clients. Plus, you get FREE frozen fries, FREE spices along with your qurbani meat. PAAYE are also included which are normally not offered by other qurbani brands.